Bernd Halbherr

Bernd Halbherr –Between us_08, 2017, Acrylic mirrors, Lambdaprints, 150 x 83 cm


Born 1964 I lives and works in Duesseldorf & Seoul Read more …

Works, 2016-2018 (Announcement Solo Show Van der Grinten Galerie)

In his work Bernd Halbherr explores possibilities for a whole new reading of photographic images, i.e. visual information, by translating them into the third or even fourth dimension. Read more …

Works, 2016-2018 (Ankündigung Solo Show Ausstellung Van der Grinten Galerie)

Bernd Halbherr beschäftigt sich in seinen Arbeiten mit Möglichkeiten, fotografische Bilder, also visuelle Informationen, anders lesbar zu machen, in dem er sie in die dritte oder sogar vierte Dimension übersetzt. Read more …

TV Feature: Prof. Bernd Halbherr

invited at Communicating with This Very Moment, Ep. 144
November 2014

German contemporary artist Bernd HALBHERR has been living and working in Korea since 2006. He presents new perspectives on the visual perception of the surrounding environment by participating in numerous solo and group exhibitions in both Korea and Germany. In particular, his spherical sculptures composed of 360 degrees panorama photographs taken in various locations including Baroque or Gothic cathedrals in Western Europe, traditional houses known as hanok, caves in Jeju, and forests of Hallasan Mountain in Korea that have been stitched as collages on styrofoam balls have attracted much attention both locally and globally. Moreover, he is educating future artists as a professor of the sculpture department at Chung-Ang University.

This week on "Heart to Heart," we meet professor Bernd HALBHERR, who is adjusting to the rapidly changing Korean society, and listen to his interesting world of art and moreover stories about his life in Korea (full broadcast 47mn).